A Guide To Use Video In Microsoft office PowerPoint

About Microsoft Office PowerPoint

 Microsoft Office PowerPoint  is program that is used for presentation. Now, in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2019,  you can add video as well. Unlike earlier versions of Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint 2019 gives you more video and audio options. These new options will help you to create a cinematic presentation which is more engaging, easy and more dynamic.

New tools and features of Microsoft Office PowerPoint

One of the major benefit of the new video is its ability to be able to trim the media. This feature will let you focus on main messages and hence it ensures that you don’t force your viewers to watch content that is not relevant for them.  Trimming your video will help you to save your time and improves quality as, it helps to trim that part which is not important. You can also adjust placing of video in just three simple clicks.


It will serve as an effective solution if you want to show your video within your logo element or have an intricate animation. Now all standard video editing tools are also available that you can use for video editing. It provides options of video editing, image correction, border style shadows, reflection, bevels, glows as well as 3D rotation.


Working with all of the above features in order to improve your presentation is so simple and effective. But, we have further more information for you regarding the same.

Now, in PowerPoint you can export your presentation. But, you must be thinking that why would you want to do that when you can send them in view mode also.


This feature will help you to overcome problem of duplicacy and editing of your slides. If you have spent lot of time and money to develop your presentation then you may not wish to give the source file. Here, Exporting will help you to send your message to be seen without recipients being able to duplicate your slides or edit it.


If you are sending a video from Office PowerPoint 2019, then you need to make sure that they have Office PowerPoint 2019 installed on their device. As, they won’t be able to see the exact video without it.


So whether you are producing a sales presentation or creating a pitch document or simply want to get message across in a more modern way then you can use this. Introducing this feature of video will help you to get more interesting results and will help you to stand out.office.com/setup

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