How to Fix Microsoft Office (2013 or 2016) Error 1321?

Fix Microsoft Office 2013 2016 Error 1321 –

Error 1321: The Installer has Insufficient Privileges to modify this file

This is a common error faced by Office 2013 and 2016 user. Error 1321 occurs when you try to install Office on your device.

Fix Microsoft Office 2013 2016 Error 1321

Fix Microsoft Office 2013 2016 Error 1321


The causes of this error are listed below.

  • The rate of the update process is faster than download/copy process.
  • The registry file or other files related to software is damaged.
  • A firewall or Antivirus is causing this error 1321 due to conflict.
  • Your Windows is not allowing access by showing “Access denied” message.

These are the common reasons for Error 1321. And the good news is you can fix this issue by following few troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error 1321 for Office 2013 and 2016

Method 1: Retry the installation

  • As the installation is stopped due to Error 1321.
  • Click on the Retry button and retry to install the update.
  • Carefully read the error message and click on cancel if it doesn’t work.

Method 2: Disable Security on the device

  • Disable or Uninstall your Antivirus or Security Software from the device.
  • Then try to complete the installation.
  • Enable or reinstall the Antivirus again after the installation.
  • If the problem is not solved, move to the next step.

Note: Disabling your Antivirus or Security software may risk your device to infected with harmful malware and threats. It is advised to not to use the internet during the process and install back your security software when you are done with the installation.

Method 3: Reinstall the Office from Start

Delete the previous download and install the entire Office Software again. This will eliminate the chances of any corrupt registry file or incomplete download issue.

  • Go to the Start menu and click on the Control Panel.
  • Search for Uninstall a program and click on it.
  • From the list of installed programs, navigate to the Microsoft Office and right-click on it.
  • Choose the option to uninstall it. And give the permission to remove the software out of your system.
  • Once the uninstall is finished, Restart your device.
  • Now, install the Office again using same steps when you first installed it.

If this method does not solve your issue then move to the next one.

Method 4: Configure the Advanced Settings of MS Office

  • Navigate to the folder of MS Office files (example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office).
  • Right-click on the folder and choose Properties.
  • In the properties tab, uncheck the Read Only button.
  • Now, go to the Advanced Settings.
  • Under the Advanced Attribute, Uncheck Encrypt contents to secure data. Click OK.
  • Save your settings and close all the tabs.
  • Try to complete your installation process.

If the Error 1321 is still continued to show on your system then you need to contact our customer support team. Our services are 24*7 available, call now for the assistance related to Fix Microsoft Office 2013 2016 Error 1321.

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